Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Back to Attack Blogspot

Slack? A word with lots of lack. Ha, you can call me a slacker especially when it comes to blogspot. I have fed my interweb addiction to twitter lately. But, I'm back to blogspot for good.

Besides twitter keeping me busy, NYC has been taking over my life. I am always doing something, whether it's fine dining, shopping, working, or looking for the next big intern spot. Oh and I am trying to do everything before I go back to school in February at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

My friends and I enjoy going to Elmo's Lounge & Restaurant. It is located a few blocks away from FIT on Seventh Avenue in New York City. The food is so yummy it melts in your mouth. Also, the atmosphere is very hip and lively. It's a perfect definition of NYC itself. 

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