Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From Fashion to Food

 Everyone needs a little iPhone swag added to their day, why not get your hands on a "Gold, Shiny, Juicy" iPhone case! The Juicy Couture store on Fifth Avenue always has something in stock that can bring some shine into your day. 

Walking along Fifth Avenue, I ran into this interesting Number 9 symbol. There are always things that catch your eye in New York and make you want to stop....and take PICTURES! I'm still trying to figure out what this 9 means? Any ideas?!

The man beyond it all is remembered at the Apple Store in Soho on Prince Street. Many Apple lovers left flowers, candles, and even apples for Steve Jobs.
RIP Steve Jobs

Instead of spending all my loose change on bags and shoes, it has all been going towards fine dining. My friend Simge and I found this adorable Italian restaurant in Soho called Piccola Cucina. We enjoyed some Italian wine, Calamari, and the best Eggplant Parmesan in the world. I'm telling you....this eggplant was to die for, it melts in your mouth!

Mhmm stacks of cookies, can you say yummy?

What do girls do best? Shop! After stopping by a few shops down in Soho, we took the subway to Union Square to see what Nordstorm's Rack had in store for us. 

My favorite thing to do, as you can tell is take more than enough pictures with my iPhone. 

Look at the models at Forever 21 :) My friends and I spent a day venturing throughout New York. First, I took them to the Rockefeller Center and then we ran in the rainy weather, shopping on Fifth Avenue and in Soho.   

The day that my friends were in town, we heard a noise coming from Wooster Street in Soho. We walked over and there was a Betsey Johnson bus cruising down the street playing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Also, in the bus was Betsey Johnson herself. 

We are the three stooges at Teen Vogue. Say hello to just a few of the interns at the fashion closet.

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  1. Adorable phone cover! I love gold haha. If only they had those for blackberries T_T


  2. thatis serious phone swag, love it!