Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vintage in Paradise

It's time to bring back the rompers, the cropped sweaters, and those vintage handbags! I recently bought this vintage Gucci crossbody handbag, and I simply adore it. While I was away in Mexico for a week, I managed to wear my bag with everything that I had brought with me. The bag went perfectly with my black romper from Zara, a lime green sweater from Italy, and my Steve Madden sandals.

         Do you have any vintage bags or clothes that you love?                    


  1. Hi dear!!ohh i like yellow color this summer, but i have not got nothing in this color.
    i like acids colors
    kisss from Sapin and thanks for visit my blog.

  2. Great photos ! Follow you via google friend !


  3. great post amanda! hope ur vacay was amazing!


  4. your gucci is so cute, I like it! :)
    also liked the holiday photos, would be nice to be on vacation! :D

    I like your quote btw, fashion is my religion haha! same here! :DD

    have a great weekend!

  5. nice pics! i bought a vintage louise vitton in dallas when i was home visiting for $40. i kid you not and im pretty sure its real. anyways, wanted to ask where you went in mexico. my bf and i are planning a trip for later in the year and are contemplating all the islands and beaches and we are thinking an all- inclusive resort? did you stay in a hotel or mostly travel?

    sorry for all the questions, but im asking everyone who has been lately..


  6. love that nail color on you! (:

  7. thank you so much cutie *.*

    woow' what a wonderful blog you have.. love it ♥ & you're really cute

  8. Wonderful outfit!I have a Gucci bag like that!
    Love your blog!I'm now following.If you like follow me back:)