Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clothes and accessories, spring must haves, all 25% off

 Hello here I am again ;)

This time with a sale occuring at my mom's little boutique, Simple Twist, located in the heart of Marlton, New Jersey. We are having a spring season welcoming sale which is 25% off entire purchase. Come by and take advantage of it! Below I posted some pictures of the adorable things we are selling. If you are not nearby, check out our website ;)        

Leather sandals from Italy with a flower design, size 39. So adorable for spring!
Hand painted silk scarves in many vibrant colors.
Handmade leather cuff bracelets with natural stones. Very eye catching!

Linen dress with flowly design and flowers. Julianne Moore has this dress in black.
Linen shirt, very flowly fit.

You haven't seen everything yet, stop by or check our website out for more unique items. If you have unique things that you make please feel free to comment. We are always looking for something different that will catch someone's eye.
Happy early spring! Don't forget 25% off!


  1. hey, my friend Steph and I (B+S) were wondering if we could possibly model your Moms clothes for her website and then do a post about you/her! You should model it with us and help promote her stuff on our blog!
    <3 B

  2. yay!! I'm down. I am actually doing a photoshoot with Misha this weekend for that lookbook website but maybe the weekend after we can get together? and if you guys wanna sell your stuff at my mom's store, we have room :)and we can include your stuff on her website but it's kind of out of date on our collections so I will talk to her

  3. okay! Billy can take the pictures he rly good w photography so next weekend? Hopefully it will be nice out and we can do it outside? And yes! I'll show her my jewelry and we can figure something out! we can do my jewelry and her clothes!

  4. yea sounds good so like the 19th or 20th unless you have off during the week and would want to meet? yea should take them in the city or country, somewhere pretty :) and i just talked to my mom, she wants to put your jewelry in her store so if you have samples let me know!

  5. okay yes i have samples! i can bring them and show you or if she wants to see them i can get up to the store one day this wk cuz im on spring break now. i have off all next week!